Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks, a blinkie and a blog background

First of all I want to say thank to all of you who have downloaded my designs. It is nice to know that so many others like what I am doing...especially since I am so new at this. I love reading the comments that have been left and would love to read more. Please remember to leave at least a simple thanks when you download and click an ad while you are here.

Next, I have created a new blinkie that I want to share. I would love to see it all over the web. If you would be so kind as to add it to your own blog, I would be really grateful. Here it is and the code can be found below it.

Last but not least, I have created what I think is a fabulous blog background using my Twilight Obsession kit. If you want to snag it for your blog copy the code below. The code can simply be added as an HTML gadget using your layout editor. Here is what it looks like and the code is below it. Please add my blinkie to your page and or credit me with the design of your background. Thanks!


KMLDesignz said...

Thank you for this great layout, I used it in my blog and gave full credit to you :) thanks again

mommy of 1 said...

Oh wow THANK YOU!!!!
I came across you by accdent and NOW will post your link to my blog!! :D!!

WillowRaven said...

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful freebies, and that I added your blinkie to my blog (in the "Blinkie Alley")!

Cathy said...

How od you use this in your blog?? IM lost??

Donna said...

You are so talented. Thanks for sharing that talent with us. I found you thru digi-free and have makred you as a favorite. I look forward to seeing what you create next.

Where can I find out how to add your blog background to my blog? It only is a site to share my scrapbook layouts with my family, I am not a creator which is why I have to rely on talents such as yourself, but I do think the stuff is cool.

Thanks again. Donna